Mediation and Collaborative Law

Where appropriate, Ken is a proponent of mediation and collaborative law as ways of resolving disputes without the expense and stress of litigation.

Ken is a certified mediator in the New Hampshire Superior Courts. He is also on the mediation panel in the Federal District Court in New Hampshire.

His mediation skills enable him to help other parties by serving as a neutral facilitator, directing and encouraging a dialogue through which the parties can find common ground. Ken is impartial in these cases, not representing any of the parties. He helps them compromise and resolve their dispute through a settlement that all parties can accept (even though the result was not anyone's first choice).

Collaborative law is similar to mediation, except it occurs before any legal case is filed and the parties commit beforehand to a negotiated i.e., non-litigated resolution of the dispute. That is, they agree not to take the case to court, except with different lawyers.